Howie Damron has been deemed a true artist among all entertainers.  His musical contributions have not only created new categories in the industry but they’re timeless.  Having earned countless, prestigious awards, Howie’s creativity and natural talents continue to astound audiences around the globe.  From receiving the “key” to his home county to recently being honored as the 2013 recipient of The Distinguished Achievement Award that’s only been awarded to 80 recipients out of two hundred and thirty five million since 1935.  With this award he joins the ranks of dignitaries such as: Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas, General Omar Bradley, Gene Autry, President Ford, Norman Vincent Peal, Cecil B. DeMille, Burl Ives, John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin and others.  From growing up in southern Ohio when he started playing a $50 guitar at the age of 8, Howie Damron has made an impact that youth as well as established entertainers follow.  His self-written songs touch hearts throughout the world.  His Masonic songs generate pride and membership.  Simply search his name on the internet and see a life full of adventures, achievements and honors that very few have received.